Arguably the most sought-after island in the Philippines, Onok Island is a tiny piece of paradise in the south of Palawan that features expansive shallow clear waters, giant clams, a sand bar appearing during low tide, wild sea turtles, a coral reef, and a stilt over-water walkway.

Aerial View of Onok Island in Balabac. Photo Credits to: Ivan Kris Romero

It’s not easy to experience Onok Island though. One must have a concrete desire to make it, a brave heart to dismiss the (mythical) threats, a willingness to embrace the (uncomfortable) island life, some time to spare for the journey, and money, of course. If you have a problem with any of the mentioned factors, then maybe Onok Island is not for you. Onok Island is not for those who are overcome by fear, nor those who can’t afford to take at least 5 days away from the convenience of the city. On the contrary, those who are up for an adventure are rewarded by Onok’s proverbial beauty.

Crystal Clear Waters! Perfect for an Instagramable Pictures!

How to Visit Onok?

Our Balabac Private and Group Tours allow you to have a guaranteed and hassle-free visit to this paradise. Our van transport will pick you up from your lodge in Puerto Princesa. After 6 hours, you will reach the south port where a private boat will pick you up so you can start the island hopping to other islands in Balabac. Depending on your stay in Balabac (4 or 3 days), you will visit Onok the next day or the other.

On the contrary, other tour operators will have you commute from Puerto Princesa to Rio Tuba Port, spend the night there so you can ride the passenger ferry to Mainland Balabac, where you will sleep in the town. The next day serves as your chance to visit Onok. This wastes 2 days just for travel time to Balabac.

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