Port Barton is an interesting small town situated in San Vicente, Palawan. This provincial harbor municipality is located between El Nido and Puerto Princesa. It is settled on the western part of the island and is home to crystal clear waters, coral reefs, waterfalls, pearl farms, and sandy beaches.

There are no crowds, no hassles in Port Barton unlike the nearby tourist hubs in Palawan. Also, you can relax and enjoy the serenity of this paradise while spending quality time with friends and family. From Puerto Princesa, it’s a 2-3 hours ride (approximately 146 kilometers away from the city) before you reach the town.

When to Visit Port Barton

The best time you can visit Port Barton is between December to April because during these months, it’s sunny and dry – a perfect time to go around the beach. Mainland Palawan is not a typhoon prone area so it’s pretty good to come on your summer vacation.

However, take note that August and September are the rainy months you want to avoid on your visit. Peak seasons are between December to February since foreign tourists choose to spend a tropical vacation in order to escape from the winter cold. But local tourists visit Port Barton any time of the year, as long as it is convenient for their schedule.

How to Get There (From Manila)

San Vicente airport was inaugurated and almost ready to offer domestic flights. Soon, flights to San Vicente will be available aside from direct flights to Puerto Princesa.

From Manila, you can take a plane ride going to Puerto Princesa airport (1,987.34 pesos via AirAsia). From there, you can reach San Vicente via bus or minivan. The van ride usually takes two and a half hours for a minimum fare of 350 pesos while taking the bus will only cost you 250 pesos for more than an hour travel.

Where to Stay

Accommodations available in the area are relatively rustic. All of them cater to budget backpackers and foreign travelers. Here are the top three options for your comfortable Port Barton stay:

Summer Homes

Beach front resort located in the heart of Port Barton. The good thing is that they accept major credit cards and with free wifi.

Stellbucks Huts

Located in San Vicente, near the beach. This 24-hour solar powered hostel is only for 736 pesos per night. It offers laptop-friendly workspace, WiFi, free parking, and essentials like shampoo and hangers.

Contact Info: 0917 775 7231 or via Facebook Page.

Villa Evergreen, Port Barton

Villa Green is located in San Vicente, first street and about 100 meters from the beach. You can get a room for 5 people for 788 pesos per night. Amenities include WiFi, essentials, and a nicely manicured garden for guests who want to relac and vibe in the surroundings.

Where to Eat

There are so many resorts and restaurants that offer traditional Filipino food in Port Barton.

Ayette’s Bamboo Restaurant and Bungalows

Here, you can experience seafood, local dishes such as sinigang, and fish curry. Main dishes are available for only 100 to 200 pesos.


For backpackers, this is the best choice for local specialties including budget rice meals and grilled seafood. You only get to pay 50 to 250 pesos for your chosen meal.

Barton Bistro and Cottages

If you want a beachfront dining place, this is the place to go. You can have Filipino dishes like seafood in lemongrass and coconut milk, adobo, spicy squid and many more for 210 to 250 pesos.

What To Do and See

Exciting activities you can do are as follows:


This includes snorkeling, picnic, and a visit to popular island such as the Starfish Island, Port Barton Beach, German Island, and Port Barton Marine Sanctuary.

Photo Credits: Island Hopping in Port Barton by Joey Ronda


Watching sun goes down after a long tiring day, can help you reflect and appreciate the beauty of nature.


In Port Barton beach, you can do amazing things such as dipping and watch fishes in shallow waters.


The popular camping site here is in the German Island. Overnight camping costs 2,500 pesos for two persons.

The top 5 interesting spots you can check out are:

Starfish Island

Bigaho Falls

Inaladelan Island

Port Barton Marine Sanctuary

Port Barton Beach

WiFi and Internet Access

Internet connectivity and electricity in most areas in Port Barton is not as steady as in touristy areas like Puerto Princesa and El Nido. But you can still use your phone here with some signal to catch for Globe and Smart users. WiFi connection is bad so you can bring a portable WiFi. Electricity supply is only available between 5 to 12 pm.

Port Barton Travel Tips

It’s important to keep some travel do’s and don’ts before taking a Palawan Tour. So, here are some tips for a more memorable Port Barton trip:

For a hassle-free tour, contact a travel agency in Port Barton to guide your travel experience.

Bring enough money as there are no ATMs on the island.

Tourism fee is 50 pesos good for 1-10 days, 100 pesos for 11-6 months, and 200 pesos for 6 months to 1 year.

Sample Port Barton Itinerary and Budget

Day 1

7:20am – arrive at Puerto Princesa airport
8:00am – tricycle to San Jose terminal (60 pesos per head)
8:30am – eat snacks/breakfast (120 pesos)
9:00am – bus to Port Barton (250 pesos per head)
1:00pm – arrive at Port Barton
1:10pm – settle tourism fee (50 pesos)
1:30pm – check-in hotel/accommodation place
2:00pm – merienda (100 pesos)
3:00pm – book tours
5:35pm – sunset watching by the bay
6:40pm – dinner (200 pesos)
8:00pm – return to room
9:30pm – bedtime

Day 2

7:30am – breakfast
8:30am – island hopping (800 pesos)
11:00am – return to the hotel room, pack up
12:00pm – check-out
12:25pm – lunch (200 pesos)
1:00pm – bus to Puerto Princesa (250 pesos)
5:00pm – tricycle to airport (60 pesos per head)
5:30pm – check-in the airport (200 pesos terminal fee)

Port Barton Budget Breakdown

  • Transportation – around 4,500 pesos
  • Accommodation – 683 to 2500 pesos per night
  • Food – around 600 pesos
  • Island tour – around 800 pesos per person

Note that these costs are only estimated, you could have lower or higher expenses depending on the type of accommodation, island tour, mode of transportation, and meals you choose.

For Inquiries Feel Free to Message me:

Email: palawantourbooking@gmail.com

Contact: 09750258334 / 09294722526

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