During Our visit @ Starfish Island

A must visit place when you are in Puerto Princesa, Hop among three islands and enjoy swimming, sunbathing, kayaking and fish feeding.

First, we visited the star fish island where we did swimming, snorkelling and fish feeding. We saw lots of different kinds of fish.

Starfish Island is named as such because of the numberless existence of small and big starfishes in the clear blue waters of the island. This Island has one of the whitest beaches in the area and can match other white sand beaches in the Philippines.

Starfish Island Entrance

Next stop we had is @ Luli Island or also known as Lulubog Lilitaw Island.

Luli Island got its name because its sandbar appears and disappears (lulubog and lilitaw), depending on the tide. This is part of the Honda Bay Island hopping tour you can do from Puerto Princesa city. It has powdery cream-colored sand and clear emerald waters perfect for swimming and beach bumming.

@Luli Island

Finally, Our last stop is @ Cowrie Island where we can relax and have our lunch. Yum!

One of the first things that you will notice in the island is its breath-taking stretch of white sand that teasingly welcomes you to an expanse of clear blue waters. Coupled this with amenities to accommodate your basic needs and you get the idea of how satisfying a Cowrie Island experience can be.

Cowrie Islands Cabana Cottages
Cowrie Island Entrance

Planning to visit Puerto Princesa and want to experience Honda Bay Tour?

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