TAYTAY PALAWAN:What to see in Taytay

@Taytay port

Taytay, Palawan is a small, quiet fishing town, located about an hour from El Nido, making it an ideal place to break up your journey, should you be travelling to or from Puerto Princesa. 

Taytay was formely colonised by the Spanish in 1623 AD, and boasts a well-preserved Fort.  Building of the Fuerza de Santa Isabel, began in 1667 and completed in 1738.  The chapel and cannons are still intact and the Fort remains a favorite place among locals for celebrating birthdays, with picnics.

Taytay is surrounded by rolling hills and great views and like El Nido, has many nearby islands which you can visit on island hopping tours.  Some of these islands also have resorts, such as Flower Island and the newly opened Noa Noa Island.

@ Fort Santa Isabel

If you want to spend your holiday in Taytay, here are some of our favourite places, not to be missed during your stay:

  • Elephant Island: White sand beach and excellent snorkeling. The island has a natural, hidden lagoon tucked deep within the cliffs.
  • Isla Blanca: an outstanding island with along coral white sandbar and a vast coral garden. long coral white sandbar dotted by coconut trees.
  • Fort Santa Isabel: a 17th-century Spanish fortress with a lot of history and great views. It was built to protect the inhabitants from the attack of the pirates.
  • Manguao Lake: also known as Lake Danao, is the only freshwater lake in Palawan mainland home to over 100 different species of bird, perfect for bird watching enthusiasts.
Short Clip of Elephant Island in Taytay

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